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NeroFermento positions itself as an Innovative Company in the field of developing and marketing fermented agricultural products to be consumed both in culinary and health-related contexts. The strength of the company lies in combining high-quality agriculture with technological research, managing the entire production process internally, either directly or indirectly. NeroFermento develops and implements its own technology and production process, and since December 2017, it has had three fermenters, each with a production capacity of 2000 kg per cycle. The technology includes the development of custom software and sensors that allow for constant and complete control of the fermentation process. The production cycle, characterized by a natural maturation process in a controlled temperature and humidity environment, lasts for about 60 days. 


After years of experience, Nero di Voghiera becomes an ingredient. We have developed a line designed for processing: in bulk, as a puree, or in a practical powder form (available in both food and nutraceutical versions, supplemented with maltodextrins). Nero di Voghiera garlic becomes an exceptional ingredient for flavoring sausages, fresh or frozen products, sauces, fresh and dried pasta, or in the field of dietary supplements where – thanks to proven properties – it has demonstrated enormous potential in the nutraceutical field.


Our territory is a blend of sea, history, and expansive countryside. Starting from the city of Ravenna, the heart and capital of the Western Roman Empire, which has left us with unique monuments like the Mausoleum of Galla Placidia. Beyond the city, you can experience the wide beaches that overlook the Adriatic Sea, with the characteristic fishing nets spread in the water. For art enthusiasts, we suggest immersing yourself in the typical summer warmth of the Romagna countryside and the blinding clarity of the afternoon that creates a unique atmosphere of temporal suspension to visit the Basilica of Sant’Apollinare in Classe.


When tasting black garlic, it’s a true surprise – savory and flavorful with umami, balsamic, fermented, and sweet notes. It pairs perfectly with any dish. Use it raw on salads or cold pasta, ideal for flavoring various dishes (risottos, pasta, meat, fish, vegetables) by adding it in the last few minutes of cooking. Transformed into a cream (with the addition of oil, water, or vegetable broth), it’s excellent on croutons, crackers, breadsticks, pizzas, flatbreads, canapés, cheeses, or for dressing pasta.


On festive days in Ravenna, Passatelli cannot be missing from our family tables. It’s a simple recipe that leads to a concentrated taste made with cheese, eggs, breadcrumbs, and a spice commonly used in Emilia Romagna, even for certain types of desserts: nutmeg. After finishing the dough, it’s passed through a potato masher with large holes. Cooking in meat broth completes this traditional dish, which is one of our favorite soups.