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We, Franca, Giovanni, Giulia, and Silvia, are a family with very different characters but united by the common passion for the pastry of our Alessandria, a city where the air of the “bourg” is still breathed. And it is from the “bourg” that the creations of MAMU are born, cookies of incredible simplicity, using the raw materials of local small producers, the best in the Monferrato area. Our sweets are simple but honest and speak of love, of the care we put into their production.


Our products are made with high-quality ingredients, locally and responsibly sourced. We believe that the only way to ensure the quality of our products is to collaborate with small farmers who work sustainably, contributing to their livelihoods and protecting the land for future generations. Among our main creations is our famous Gaugliaudo cake, a family recipe that represents our history, our culture, and our origins, and the Parla Nèn that will take you to this land in just one bite. They are among the most famous and traditional cookies in our region, with a recipe that includes two hazelnut discs joined by Gianduja cream.


Our city, Alessandria, is strategically located at the intersection of important communication routes. We are surrounded by a countryside composed of a vibrant and productive network of farms, ranging from the plains of Lomellina where precious rice is cultivated, to the gentle hills dotted with small wineries offering typical wines such as Barbera and Dolcetto. The historic center of the city is welcoming and rich in history, including the Citadel, which, from a military structure, has become a landmark for us Alexandrians thanks to a rich calendar of cultural events.


Given its versatility and delicate consistency, our Gagliaudo cake pairs well with various local wines from Alessandria. Here’s what we suggest.
Barbera d’Asti: This Piedmontese red wine is characterized by a good structure and pleasant acidity, which complements the sweetness and softness of the Gagliaudo cake. Its notes of red fruits and spicy undertones add complexity to the dessert, creating a balanced and satisfying pairing.
Moscato d’Asti: If you prefer a sweeter pairing, Moscato d’Asti is the ideal choice. This sparkling white wine is known for its intense aromas of tropical fruits and white flowers, which beautifully harmonize with the sweetness of the Gagliaudo cake. Its freshness and liveliness add lightness to the dessert, creating a delicious and indulgent taste experience.


In the heart of the Piedmont countryside, where the hills gently wrap around the ancient villages, lies a culinary treasure jealously guarded by the shepherds of Alessandria: the Rabaton dei Pastori. Its origin is probably linked to the passage of nomadic shepherds returning with their flocks from the mountain pastures. For this reason, it is a simple recipe that has varied its ingredients over time. To prepare the Rabaton, one must begin with the careful selection of the most genuine and local ingredients. The base of this dish is represented by ricotta, herbs or spinach, egg, breadcrumbs, flour, aromatic herbs, and nutmeg, which give the recipe an intoxicating aroma and a rich, intense flavor. With patience and skill, the Rabaton dei Pastori cooks slowly over the fire, allowing the ingredients to blend and meld together, creating a dish that is more than just a simple combination of flavors: it is an ode to the land and its generous riches, a tribute to the simple and authentic life of the Piedmontese shepherds.