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I am Filippo and since 2016, here in Rovereto, I have continued a winemaking tradition that has been going on for a hundred years, started by my great-grandfather Cito who bought the estate in 1921. The estate is a fortified building dating back to the mid-1600s and has changed ownership several times among noble families until our Gemme family. White and red wines have been produced here since the beginning of its history. In 1988, Marco and Roberto Gemme produced the first bottles, supported in their endeavor by the expert winemaker Gaspare Buscemi. Our company is located in the heart of the historic Gavi D.O.C.G. area of the town of Gavi, in an area that extends over 43 hectares of vineyards set amidst charming small woods and truffle grounds.


We produce one of the most well-known and appreciated Piedmont wines thanks to its aromatic richness and versatility, ranging from still wines to a wide selection of sparkling versions. Let us introduce you to the main ones:
GAVI DOCG from the town of Gavi – Rovereto
Generous and complex even when young, due to the full maturity of the grapes, lactic acid, and other components resulting from malolactic fermentation.
Cà Adua
Straw yellow color with greenish reflections, aromas of citrus, grapefruit, cut grass, white flowers, dry, fresh, with good acidity, persistence, and mineral taste.
Citu 1921
GAVI DOCG from the town of Gavi
Intense yellow color with golden reflections. Broad and complex, aromas of fruit, pear, yellow peach, vanilla, almond, honey, and ripe fruit.


The characteristic of our region is the surprising temperate climate created by the sea winds that, crossing over the Alps and the Apennines, come from Liguria. This makes every journey to our area pleasant, offering the opportunity to immerse oneself both in the nature of picturesque hillside forests and to discover important historical landmarks such as the imposing medieval castle of Gavi, strategically positioned for centuries to control the trade routes between the Po Valley and Liguria.


The pairings we suggest are just some of the countless possibilities that a wine so versatile and aromatic can offer.
The most natural pairing is certainly with seafood dishes that are not in shoals, such as sea bass, sea bream, or gilt-head bream.
If you enjoy shellfish, it pairs perfectly with shrimp and especially with lobster, enhancing the delicate flavor of its meat.
This list wouldn’t be complete without an invitation to uncork it alongside dishes featuring truffles or mushrooms from our lands, to enhance their intense and natural flavors.


A dish you mustn’t miss trying if you visit our region is definitely the Ravioli di Gavi, named after the family that first created them: the Raviolo family, owners of a historic local inn. The secret of the recipe lies in the “tuccu,” the sauce that envelops and completes these ravioli, performing its magic. In a copper pot, amid the sizzle of oil and melting butter, a fragrant sauté of onion, carrot, and celery comes to life. The golden-browned beef melds with the red wine, which evaporates, leaving behind an intense and complex aroma. Peeled tomatoes join the beef broth, rosemary, and bay leaves, simmering slowly over low heat for hours. Time here is a fundamental ingredient: only with patience can one achieve that dense and rich sauce, echoing traditions passed down through generations. Few know that, due to its aromatic characteristics and connection to the region, the ideal wine to accompany the ravioli is none other than GAVI DOCG. Don’t forget to add it to your table!