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Buemi Vini is born out of passion and ambition, that of Alfredo, who together with his family carries on a tradition now decades old. We are first and foremost humble farmers, striving to obtain the best possible fruits from the land, to then transform them into excellent wines.

Our family’s origins lie in southern Italy, a beautiful bridge between Sicily of father Carmelo and Campania of mother Maria. Work led the couple to move to Piedmont, where they immediately became involved in agriculture and winemaking. Years passed, and Alfredo, the younger of the two sons, decided in 2021 to turn his own tradition from a hobby into a business. The result? Here we are, talking to you about our stories, our being Canavesi, even though not originally so; transmitting through words, gestures, photos, and finally wines, our project.


We cultivate our vineyards on the hills of the morainic ridge of Ivrea, in Piverone, within a viticultural area that is little known but extraordinary: that of Canavese.

We are fortunate to live and work on a rich and generous territory. Well-suited soils, ideal exposures, and good winds from the mountains allow us to cultivate the vines in the best conditions.

We have a special consideration for nature and always strive to use production methods with low environmental impact, both in the vineyard and in the cellar.

We cultivate grapes from indigenous grape varieties, mainly Erbaluce and Barbera.

Our wines have typical aromas and qualities that derive from the terroir of the area, and we aim to enhance them as much as possible in order to obtain unique and characteristic products.


We find ourselves in a version of Piedmont that is now pre-Alpine, in the morainic amphitheater of the Serra di Ivrea between the Dora and Lake Viverone. Our vineyards are nestled within a backdrop of woods and small rivers that can be seen at the bottom of the valleys. From nature to the city of Ivrea, which we must mention because it is the headquarters of Olivetti, a company that has made history in Italy and around the world, of which we are still proud. If you visit our territories, you will also have the opportunity to discover numerous picturesque villages and hamlets where you can stop to enjoy the many types of cheese and our wines from local tradition.


H.ere are the pairings we recommend for our labels:

Suitable for all meals.
Perfect with white meats.
Also suitable for not overly structured red meats.
Goes well with cheeses aged up to 5/6 months.
Ideal with agnolotti and tagliatelle with Bolognese sauc.
Delicious with porcini mushroom risotto.
Suitable for appetizers and cold cuts, including fatty ones like lard.

Suitable for all meals.
Perfect with red meat, even moderately structured.
Ideal with cold cuts.
Goes well with medium-aged cheeses.
Perfect with first courses with sauces of medium-high texture.
Delicious with mushrooms such as porcini.

Perfect with structured meat preparations such as roasts, stews, braises, and slow-cooked dishes.
Ideal with game meat.
Delicious with truffles.
Suitable for long-aged cheeses.
Perfect with distinctly structured first courses.


A recipe that never fails to appear on our tables, especially during the winter months, is “Bagna Cauda”.
Bagna Cauda is a warm sauce made with garlic, anchovies, and extra virgin olive oil, traditionally served in a bowl placed at the center of the table. Seasonal vegetables such as carrots, celery, peppers, cauliflower, and cardoon are dipped into the sauce and consumed after being soaked.
The preparation of Bagna Cauda involves slow cooking garlic in olive oil until it becomes soft and aromatic, then adding anchovies and letting them completely dissolve into the sauce. The final consistency should be creamy but not too dense. Bagna Cauda is a very convivial and tasty dish, perfect for sharing moments with friends and family. It is a true symbol of the culinary culture of Canavese and Piedmont, celebrating the authenticity and richness of local flavors.