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I am Fabiana and, together with Fabrizio and Danilo, we represent the third generation of the Ramoino family, committed to keeping alive the family winemaking tradition. Our passion began in the 1950s thanks to grandfather Giuseppe, who, along with his beloved wife Angela, founded the winery in Sarola, where they planted Pigato and Vermentino vines. Since then, the company has grown with the contribution of their children Carla, Domenico, and wife Elvira, who opened a restaurant to allow our guests to enjoy our products in a convivial setting. With the acquisition of a vineyard in Dolceacqua dedicated to producing the esteemed Rossese, a native wine of the Riviera di Ponente, we have expanded our offering and revitalized the image of the Ramoino family, both in the domestic and international markets.


At Ramoino, we vinify the grapes of Ligurian Ponente’s native grape varieties to create typical DOC wines: Pigato and Vermentino Riviera Ligure di Ponente, Rossese di Dolceacqua, and Ormeasco di Pornassio. Each bottle encapsulates our emotions and unconditional love for our land, with its unique character and peculiarities.
Every one of our wines, from the freshest and youngest to the most structured and aged, is easily appreciated and loved thanks to the elegance and finesse that distinguish them. We innovate with modernity while never forgetting the lessons of our ancestors. The wines of Liguria, our wines, are the result of generations of hard work, sweat, and wisdom. We care for them with love and wisdom, thinking of those who will come after us.


Our Sarola represents a small corner of Liguria that preserves the charm of a region with a millennial history, always balancing between inland events and a great calling to project towards distant seas.

The olive groves and vineyards lie gently on the soft hills like a plush cushion, shaping the landscape, and are our primary local production resource. Even the forests and typically Mediterranean vegetation play their part, dotting the landscape with maritime pines and ancient oaks. Sarola is an ideal destination for those seeking tranquility and direct contact with nature. Visitors can enjoy walks among the olive groves, hikes in the surrounding hills, and visits to nearby small villages. The region also offers opportunities for trekking and cycling, with trails winding through enchanting landscapes.


Our wines, despite having an international vocation, perfectly enhance local dishes and traditions of the region. Therefore, we suggest some useful pairings for your visit along the hillside roads leading to Sarola.

Pigato: This aromatic and mineral white wine, with notes of white fruit and flowers, pairs well with seafood appetizers such as fish carpaccio, tuna or salmon tartare.

For first courses, we recommend accompanying it with Trofie al pesto, trenette al pesto with potatoes and green beans, or spaghetti alle vongole. For main seafood dishes, it complements baked sea bass, sea bream in Ligurian style, and grilled shrimp.

Vermentino: This fresh and fruity white wine, with citrus and herbal notes, shines with light appetizers like seafood salads, crostini with olive or anchovy pâté, or with main seafood dishes such as calamari and shrimp fry, fish en papillote, or stewed cuttlefish.

These pairings highlight the versatility and regional character of our wines, offering a delightful culinary experience along the picturesque hills leading to Sarola.


We have an ancient recipe to introduce to you that can tell the story and culture of a territory in just one bite: “Coniglio alla Ligure” (Ligurian-style Rabbit).
Imagine a rustic kitchen with exposed wooden beams and a large fireplace crackling gently. On the sturdy wooden table, sprinkled with flour and adorned with sprigs of rosemary, fresh rabbit is prepared with care. Each piece is immersed in a marinade of red wine, rich and fragrant, accompanied by bay leaves and crushed garlic, allowing the meat to absorb every nuance of flavor. After slow cooking, it is added to a casserole with a soffritto, binding everything together with a rich and velvety sauce made of pine nuts, Taggiasca olives, and capers. Sometimes it is served with steaming polenta or, if preferred, fragrant and crispy homemade bread.
This dish captures the essence of Ligurian cuisine, reflecting its rich culinary tradition and deep connection to the local ingredients and flavors.