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My name is Salvatore and I have always had a passion for the “arte bianca,” which I began practicing as a young boy working in the bakeries of my hometown: Santa Domenica Talao. The desire to grow professionally, accompanied by curiosity towards the production techniques of other regions, led me to Tuscany, and more precisely to a crossroads of tourism and art, such as Siena.

This intense experience prompted me to return to my homeland to create a product that would elevate the many cultures of the Mediterranean environment. From a small initial laboratory, made possible by the people who believed in me, I began experimenting with ancient grains, flours, and doughs, from which the Mattrasau Bread was born.



Mattrasau is a dry, long-lasting bread. Its natural leavening and fragrance allow for versatile use, ranging from sweet to savory. Used as a base for salads and soups, it serves as a snack, a substitute for common bread suitable for all meals and every type of consumer, from children to adults, given its genuineness and high digestibility. Suitable for simple as well as more refined palates, Mattrasau bread combines tradition and innovation in its flavor and production. It contains no oils or fats and is entirely artisanal, obtained through certified processing phases and procedures. The company is ISO 9001:2015 certified and advocates for a path of constant growth and improvement, focusing on quality.


Our small village, Santa Domenica Talao, comprised of many stone houses bearing witness to a millennia-old history, sits in a splendid location nestled between the mountains rising to the east and the sea to the west of the Cedar Riviera. Just a few minutes away, we find ourselves amidst the white sandy beaches typical of the Calabrian sea. For those who love the mountains, we are surrounded by natural parks, and the Lao River, which lends its name to the village, offers the opportunity to experience the thrill of canoeing. A visit to one of the beauties of our territory and of all Calabria cannot be missed: the Arcomagno of San Nicola Arcella, a natural arch created by the winds and sea, which hides, like a treasure chest, a small beach called Grotta d’u Saracino. All excursions deserve a pleasant stop to enjoy our local specialties made of cured meats, cheeses from small producers, and, of course, Calabrian fish.


We suggest several pairings using Mattrasau Bread as a substitute for regular bread, each one delicious.

Classic Mattrasau Bread: Ideal for pairing with vegetable soups and fresh seasonal salads.

Mattrasau Bread with Corn: Recommended for quick meals paired with Mediterranean flavors such as olives and anchovies from our seas.

Mattrasau Bread with Spelt: With its delicate flavor, it’s perfect as an appetizer topped with Tuscan olive oil, oregano leaves, and a slice of Cinta Senese ham.

Mattrasau Bread with Turmeric: Be inspired by its ochre-yellow color to create a vibrant pairing with cherry tomatoes, green lettuce leaves, all balanced with chunks of white mozzarella.


Ingredients for 4 people.
500 g of durum wheat semolina
Water as needed
1 dried cane with a diameter of 3 centimeters and a length of 30 cm
1 millerighe frame comb
Knead the flour, gradually adding water until it becomes homogeneous and easily detaches from the hands.
Let it rest for 30 minutes.
At this point, shape the dough into small pieces and roll them out on a flat surface, then gently pass them over the millerighe comb.
For the seasoning.
500 g of tomato puree
10 cl of extra virgin olive oil
A handful of basil
2 Diavolicchio Diamante chili peppers
100 g of Calabrian pecorino cheese
Cook the tomato sauce, adding the chili pepper once the sauce is cooked. Once the pasta is cooked, mix it with the sauce and finish with the pecorino cheese.