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Our company originates in the Murge region, in Altamura, known as the “Lioness of Puglia” for its history of resistance and its cultural heritage. Among the medieval alleys and small squares, the Romanesque-Puglian cathedral dominates the panorama, bearing witness to a glorious past. Altamura is also famous for its bread, a gastronomic masterpiece, even mentioned by Horace. The bread, affectionately called “u sckuanète”, is not just food, but a social symbol traditionally baked in public ovens for generations.


Our philosophy is based on love for authenticity, passion for nature, and respect for the earth. In our manufacturing processes, we respect the needs of nature and act in harmony with its cycles and rhythms. We support traditions and craftsmanship, challenging the destructive progress of chemical techniques and industrialization. We owe everything to nature and we demonstrate this through the respect with which we work, protecting and caring for every detail, in order to leave a legacy for future generations. We want our products to be an authentic expression of the earth and to restore the true essence of nature.


The charm of Altamura is evident starting from its panoramic position: a plateau surrounded by centuries-old olive trees. The city presents itself with a maze of winding streets that open onto the majestic square of the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, while cultural and musical traditions enliven the streets during the summer months. Altamura is renowned for its ancient bread, a delicacy that traces its roots back to the Roman period.


The Padre Peppe Elixir is versatile in its consumption methods. It is appreciated neat, at room temperature or chilled, but also mixed with coffee, on ice cream, or in affogatos. Perfect with dried figs with almonds and dark chocolate semifreddo. It pleasantly accompanies moments of meditation by the fireplace and is also ideal with traditional desserts such as those for Christmas, Easter, and chestnut cake, in addition to being an excellent companion for enjoying pure cigars or a well-aged Tuscan.


I mustaccioli, dolce tipico natalizio, ha molte varianti regionali, tra cui quella pugliese, dove viene aggiunto del vin cotto per renderli ancora più morbidi. Tra le varianti regionali, c’è anche quella altamurana, dove oltre agli ingredienti classici e il vin cotto, viene aggiunto anche un goccio di Padre Peppe per restituire il gusto dolce e l’aroma intenso dell’elixir. I mustaccioli sono dei dolci tipici della tradizione che vengono solitamente sistemati in cestini e sacchetti da donare a familiari e amici.