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Nocciolar stems from the story of a family that has had a special passion for hazelnuts for generations. It’s a fruit of our lands that we transform with care and expertise into authentic delicacies. We are based in Montà, surrounded by our hazelnut orchards, and we operate in a laboratory that combines the most advanced innovation with the most authentic tradition. Our mission is simple yet ambitious: to offer gourmet enthusiasts an impeccable taste experience that reflects the quality of every single step of our production process, from the field to the table. We are committed to ensuring maximum transparency and authenticity of our products, with organic certifications to offer not only extraordinary flavor but also a sustainable choice. Are you ready to discover the authentic taste and uncompromising quality of Nocciolar?


We offer you Piedmont hazelnuts in all their possible variations, from the raw fruit to savory and sweet processing, representing a selection born from innovation and the search for new taste experiences. Our “Classic” proposals showcase hazelnuts in various forms such as roasted nuts, hazelnut flour, various types of creams, and dragees.

The “Savory” line presents itself as an explosion of flavors with paprika and turmeric. With our “Specials,” we have delved into the world of Roero to explore innovative recipes and packaging for the most discerning palates, from hazelnut pasta to hazelnut nougat.

Of course, we haven’t forgotten about lovers of sweet and dry pastries, ranging from cakes to cream biscuits, all designed to enhance the flavor of hazelnuts by combining them with high-quality ingredients.


We Montaliani are situated in the northernmost part of Roero, surrounded by an extremely picturesque landscape shaped partly by nature with its forests, and partly by human activities with the vineyards of the famous Roero and Roero Arneis wines.

From the center of our town, Montà, with its evident medieval charm, roads radiate out, lined with agricultural farms, leading to small villages or, for the delight of history lovers, to prestigious castle residences such as the Guarene Castle and the Montone Castle. Let’s not forget that our land is also known for truffles, which find their ideal climate to grow in the undergrowth of the Roero hills, providing yet another opportunity to discover our land during your travels.


With Piedmont hazelnuts, you can unleash your creativity in the kitchen, thanks to their characteristic of pairing well with many other foods. Here are some examples:

The first pairing, almost instinctive, is with chocolate: chopped or whole hazelnuts can be incorporated into dark or milk chocolate to create pralines, chocolate bars, or chocolate truffles with hazelnuts.

Very intriguing are the pairings with cheeses, especially those with a sweet and creamy flavor, such as Taleggio and Gorgonzola, but also with more aged cheeses like Parmigiano Reggiano and Tuscan pecorino. Pairing with pasta and risottos is a continuous challenge to create new recipes where hazelnuts can be finely chopped, whole, or part of previously prepared pesto.


One of our typical dishes from Montà is the “Stuffed Baked Onion”. A delicious and hearty dish that reflects the use of local products and, in general, the culinary tradition of the region. Onions are a widely cultivated vegetable in Piedmont.

The recipe involves hollowing out the onions and filling them with a savory stuffing made from minced meat (usually pork), stale bread, eggs, grated cheese (such as Parmigiano Reggiano or Grana Padano), parsley, garlic, and spices like black pepper and nutmeg. Everything is mixed until homogeneous.

Once the onions and the filling are prepared, the onions are placed in a baking dish and covered with a light tomato sauce. Slices of bacon or prosciutto can also be added on top of the onions to add additional flavor and tenderness. Finally, the stuffed onions are baked until they are well cooked and the surface is golden and crispy.