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Malerba is two friends from high school, Marco Valentini and Filippo Artini, who, at the age of 40, begin their adventure together with the same thoughts, having reached this point through completely different paths: one by reinterpreting old farming experiences handed down by his grandfather, the other by becoming less tolerant of the inconsistencies in the wine sector during his career as an oenologist. After several years of experimentation, Malerba was born in 2018.

This text provides background information about the origins of Malerba and the two friends who started it, one drawing on ancestral farming knowledge and the other motivated by his experiences as an oenologist.


The search for a perspective different from the terroir-grape dualism has led us to wines that are irreproducible and intimately tied to our artistic sensibility. The processing of the grapes distorts traditional winemaking, both in terms of the transformation technique and the refinement process. We strip the fruit of its material part, emphasizing the trace of time on the plant and our connection to it.


Arezzo is a beautiful city located in the Tuscany region, with a territory rich in history, culture, and natural beauty. It is famous for its artistic and architectural heritage, as evidenced by its churches, historic buildings, and artworks. The surrounding countryside of Arezzo is characterized by picturesque hills, vineyards, and olive groves. It’s an ideal place for hiking, walking, or cycling, immersed in the beauty of the Tuscan nature. Arezzo is a treasure of Tuscany, offering a unique combination of art, culture, breathtaking landscapes, and culinary traditions. A visit to this city is an unforgettable experience for lovers of history, art, and the Tuscan way of life.


  • STRACCIABRACHE (Tuscan Rosé Sparkling Wine): For this Tuscan rosé sparkling wine, unconventional pairings include grilled red meats, medium-bodied cheeses, and significant fish dishes.
  • ZIZZANIA (Macerated Tuscan Sparkling Wine, Pas Dosé): This macerated Tuscan sparkling wine pairs well with white meats, fresh cheeses, and even some egg-based desserts.
  • RONZAMORO (Red Wine): Pork, medium-aged cheeses, and mushroom-based dishes are a great match for this red wine.
  • ONTANO NERO (Red Wine): This versatile red wine pairs well with red meat dishes, roasts, aged cheeses, and traditional Tuscan dishes like Florentine s


One of the favorite local dishes of the people of Arezzo is the famous “Braciolona.” It is a traditional Tuscan dish made with pork, herbs, and spices. The Arezzo-style braciole are well-known for their intense and succulent flavor. The combination of aromatic herbs, garlic, and grilled pork imparts a unique and typical Arezzo taste to this dish. It is a local specialty that represents authentic Tuscan traditional cuisine and is sure to delight the palates of meat lovers.