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The RiservaBio is a family-run business managed by the owner, Mrs. Anna Maria De Rossi, and her husband, who is an agronomist, ensuring the necessary technical expertise and supervision of the production process. The production chain is entirely focused on obtaining a genuine product: our olives, organically cultivated on our farm, are harvested early, starting from the beginning of October. The olives are taken daily to the olive press and cold-pressed within a few hours. For over 30 years, our family has been managing our small farm and the entire production process, striving to provide the best quality to our customers.


The production chain is entirely focused on obtaining a genuine product: Our olives, organically cultivated on our farm, are harvested early, from the beginning of October. The olives are brought to the mill daily and pressed within a few hours using a cold extraction system. Our company covers approximately 50 hectares of hilly terrain, where olive cultivation predominates, especially the Canino variety, which imparts exceptional organoleptic qualities to the oil: low acidity, high polyphenol content, intense fruity fragrance, long shelf life. Our extra virgin olive oil is carefully stored in stainless steel tanks, at controlled temperature and in a nitrogen atmosphere; then packaged immediately before being sold.


We are located in the Lazio Maremma, surrounded by an Italian history that can still be felt today by wandering through the countryside, as well as in our town rich in Etruscan, Roman, and medieval remains. The landscape extends over vast fields and gentle hills, providing an opportunity to explore nature in complete tranquility, discovering the local fauna and the rich olive oil heritage in which we are immersed with our olive groves. At every step, you encounter stones seemingly shaped specifically to tell us about the ancient inhabitants of this land.


Due to its intensity and freshness, our oil is ideal for use raw, as this is the mode that preserves its organoleptic profile and allows you to fully appreciate its characteristics. It is perfect on bruschettas, salads, carpaccio, or to enhance soups and legumes. Each region, with its specificities, offers traditional gastronomic pairings.

Don’t worry if you’re not skilled in the kitchen; the oil, with its fresh and intense flavor, manages to enhance the taste of even the simplest dishes.

To preserve its characteristics, we always recommend storing the new oil protected from air, light, and temperature variations. Therefore, it is advisable to keep the extra virgin olive oil in a cool and dry place, away from heat sources, always closing the bottle after use.


Because our love is for the countryside, we want to suggest a simple but delicious dish rooted in peasant traditions: L’Acquacotta. Acquacotta is a traditional soup mainly composed of vegetables and basic ingredients cultivated in our fields, such as onions, garlic, olive oil from Tuscia, tomatoes, chili, combined with eggs and, of course, grated pecorino cheese. If you enjoy bruschetta, consider adding stale bread. The recipe may vary from family to family, providing an additional reason to discover it during one of your travels in our area.