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When the sun, in the morning, descends from the slopes of the Brenta, and slowly passing through the Noce gorge, reaches Toss, projecting onto those copper barrels the light of the history of Thun Castle, the image of Cesare Fedrizzi is reborn in the mind crowded with memories. At the beginning of the last century, when Austria still reigned over the valley, with a permit obtained in exchange for a tax that rewarded the quick and diligent, they embarked on a dream, selling Bacchus’ most ambitious fruit.

Stefano, with his skill as a distiller, only saves the heart of grappa, the most precious and rich part of aromatic substances. It is indeed the master distiller who performs all these operations manually, knowing perfectly the tools available. From here it is understood that distillation is an art… “that has been handed down to us by dad and even before by a grandfather”, because grappa is not the result of a natural transformation but is the fruit of the mind and ingenuity of man who over the centuries has discovered how to obtain from grape pomace the true Queen: our grappa.


Our distillation method is the discontinuous bain-marie method, which is the oldest system of distillation, but it leads to grappas of rare finesse. The distillation occurs with extreme gentleness because the heating of the grape pomace takes place through water, contained in a gap in the boiler. To exemplify to the fullest with this process, which is riskier but which the Fedrizzi Distillery considers indispensable to obtain a safe and particular result, the vaporization of alcoholic and aromatic molecules is achieved, followed by condensation through a cooling process. It is important to emphasize how crucial the artisanal hand of the distiller is in this process, especially to discard the so-called “heads” and “tails” and to preserve the heart of the grappa.


Our distillery is located in the heart of the Bassa Val di Non. Suspended between ancient memories and legends shrouded in the mystery of time, stands our small village, rich in history and traditions passed down from generation to generation. In an even smaller nucleus lies Toss. The territory is the guardian of a heritage steeped in charm, where imposing castles, millennial churches, and sumptuous villas narrate the tale woven by the past, such as Castel Thun, one of the most visited and famous residences in Trentino. And so, amidst the secrets of history and the treasures of nature, the village of Ton reveals itself as an enchanted place, where time seems to have stopped to jealously guard the memory of a glorious past.


Our grappas, with their richness of aromas and flavors, lend themselves splendidly to being paired with a wide range of dishes and typical tastes of the region, especially local cheeses such as Puzzone di Moena, Trentingrana, or Casolet della Val di Sole. Grappas harmonize well with the robust flavors of Trentino Speck, creating a balanced contrast between the sweetness of the alcohol and the savoriness of aged meats.

If you come to our area, don’t forget to finish a meal of Canederli, our most well-known dish, with a good glass of grappa as a digestive.

For the sweet finale of the dinner, like apple strudel, you can pair it with one of our fruity-flavored grappas, which are ideal for any type of dessert.


Our family memories cannot trace back to the origin of a typical dish passed down from generation to generation, which we call “tortel di patate”. A dish that embodies the authentic soul of our generous land.

Tortel di Patate is a simple yet sumptuous creation: layers of grated potatoes mixed with white flour. The whole is slowly cooked in a baking dish spread with peanut oil in a wood-fired oven, until the outer crust becomes golden and crispy, while inside, the potatoes transform into a soft embrace of flavor. Each bite is a sensory journey through green fields and alpine meadows, a tribute to the simplicity and authenticity of mountain life.