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The agricultural company Iacovella Davide was established about one hundred and fifty years ago, and its history is composed of men and women who have loved, cultivated, and extracted every possible benefit from this wonderful land. In the beginning, everything was very difficult and laborious: long days and scarce food. Then, over the years, innovations have further facilitated the work in the countryside. Not a day has been wasted without a smile. And it is with this spirit that generation after generation, the passion and strength to fight and not give up find continuity over time, even though everything in agriculture is not always easy.


The company extends over 30 hectares among young and centuries-old olive groves (some even 300 years old), fascinating for their grandeur. The latter are the true focal point of the company, where history lives in the trunks, and each year they are capable of surprising with exceptional oils.” All our olive groves are personally cared for, from pruning to harvest. Our dedication to craftsmanship perfectly aligns with our commitment to quality. Every step of the production process is carefully monitored to ensure that the olive oil we offer is authentic, flavorful, and nourishing. We pledge to uphold the highest quality standards and meet the expectations of our customers seeking genuine and excellent olive oil.


Chieti, a jewel overlooking the Adriatic coast, sits gracefully on a hill that gazes upon the valley of the Pescara River. Through its cobbled streets, unfolds a historic center steeped in centuries of history, where ancient churches and elegant palaces narrate the millennial past of the city.

The surrounding landscape unfolds with gentle hills and majestic mountains, while the Pescara River cradles a fertile plain, generously bestowing bounty upon the agricultural fields. The local cuisine, rich in authentic flavors, reflects the gastronomic tradition of Abruzzo, with dishes that celebrate the freshness of local ingredients. The architecture, with the majestic Cathedral of San Giustino and the evocative Church of San Domenico, adds a touch of nobility to the city’s atmosphere. Chieti is a fusion of culture and traditions, manifested in local events and festivals that enliven the streets, creating an indelible bond between the past and the present.


“OLIO DRITTA” Ideal for bruschette and vegetables. Creamy legume soups and grilled meats. For dessert, a must-try with “cantucci” biscuits with chocolate chips or pistachio.

“GENTILE DI CHIETI” Artichoke ravioli, medium-aged cheeses, lamb meat, white melon, ice cream.

“CORATINA” Soups, creamy soups, vegetable omelettes (with asparagus or artichokes), white meats, ice cream, strudel.

“OLIO DOP COLLINE TEATINE” Cooked vegetables, pesto, orange salad, raw fennel, marinated tuna, ice cream.

arinato, gelato.


Among the hills and mountains that watch over Chieti, a culinary treasure wrapped in tradition is revealed: the “scrippelle ‘mbusse”. A love song to Abruzzese cuisine, these thin fritters are like pages of an ancient manuscript, narrating stories of fertile lands and captivating flavors.

Their creation begins with a dance of flour, eggs, and milk, a symphony that gives life to a silky batter, destined to rest under the generous gaze of time. In a pan, like an artist painting their canvas, the scrippelle take shape, delicately browning until they become crispy works of art.

In the heart of the preparation, a meat broth, fragrant with ancient tales, warmly welcomes the scrippelle. Parmesan, like stardust, settles on the surface, while an egg, a symbol of life, dances gently on the fritter.

Served in bowls, the scrippelle ‘mbusse are a symphony of textures and flavors. The egg, like a shy poet, allows itself to be admired, adding a touch of creaminess to the broth that envelops each bite. An ode to tradition, a culinary tale that connects the past with the present, a taste of Chieti that enchants the senses and warms the soul.