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The Black Mouth of Mount Resegone had me within its womb. I placed my hands on the rocky and damp walls; the muddy ground and the presence of various insects discouraged me from proceeding towards an exit. That concealed, dark, and narrow tunnel into which I had ventured began to envelop me with its mystery, while fascination and adrenaline manifested as curiosity, urging me to move forward. I gathered my courage and advanced slowly, touching the rocky surfaces with my fingers at every step, searching for potential dangers unseen by me.

I quickened my pace, becoming faster and more confident. Anxiety and fear of the unknown took a back seat, replaced by a hunger for light and an immense and unbridled desire to look beyond the darkness. I covered about half a kilometer. Light. Before my eyes, an immense expanse. Here, nature seemed to have left time with the task of not passing. Wild herbs, botanical specimens, berries, flowers, and plants of all kinds composed a landscape reminiscent of earthly paradise, where one could quench their thirst for knowledge and feed on inspiration. The vegetation was lush, with vibrant colors, typical of spring. The tranquility and absence of noise invited me to participate as a simple spectator, while behind me, the dark tunnel reminded me that it was the only passage to this pleasant place, where humans had neither intervened nor spoken a word. A place that would become my botanical workshop, where I could select and study ingredients, experiment with their balances, and craft them into creative recipes.


Like ancient alchemists, we explore the world of nature, delving into its most hidden aspects, hidden treasures, and otherworldly secrets. We are not afraid to tread a dark path or explore unknown territories; through the study of the oldest liquor manuals and the most modern production techniques, we seek the perfect alchemy to create products that are contemporary, genuine, and innovative.


Our Brianza is a land dotted with lakes known as the “Laghi briantei,” all set within the Prealpine backdrop, descending alongside small rivers, with the most famous being the Adda. It’s a region characterized by gentle valleys adorned with farmhouses, and it’s a destination for many travelers who enjoy exploring the abundant local wildlife on leisurely walks.


Amaro ILEX can be enjoyed neat after a meal or used for garnishing desserts and preparing pastry creams. Its bitter and herbaceous aftertaste is ideal for creating glazes that contrast with the sweetness of cream and butter-based desserts.

BLACKMOUTH DRY GIN is ideal when paired with fish dishes, crudités, and oysters. Its citrusy and fresh flavor complements any fish-based dish. It is also excellent in a gin and tonic to accompany white pizzas and gourmet options.


Cassœula with polenta, a dish that hails from our region, is said to have been brought by a Spanish soldier who, in his efforts to win over a cook, taught her the recipe that eventually became a success. Now, it has rightfully earned its place as the most representative dish of Brianza. It is made with polenta, cabbage leaves that have been touched by frost, giving them a crisp texture, the less noble parts of the pig, and the Loganega sausage, which is also typical of our region. The name has a similarity to the “casseruola” (casserole) in which it is cooked but also to the “cassoueu,” a particular spoon used to mix the ingredients.