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We were born in 2012 with the desire and curiosity to venture into the dense and distant forest of the “Land of Craft Beer.” Guiding us on our journey was a tall man named Thomas Bereiter, whom we will now call Thomas B. It was Thomas B. who introduced us to the mysterious art of brewing, the selection of malts, mashing, hopping, and above all, fermentation, to create fantastic alchemy.




We Perugini were looking for a name for this blonde Ale, and playing as if we were at the counter of an old Western saloon, we came up with the seemingly unoriginal name Santachiara, only to discover that the patron saint of Montefalco (home of the brewery) is indeed Santachiara, known as “of the heart.” A Pale Ale with a robust body, fresh with malted notes, moderate acidity, and a hoppy finish.


This name, Sanpietro, and its keys, are a reward to all travelers who, by traversing our villages, bring them back to life in all their splendor, rediscovering their arts and ancient crafts. An Ale-style beer, single-hopped with Citra, with a hint of bergamot to enhance the citrus freshness. The citrus references are clear on the palate, making it light and refreshing.


Our town is often referred to as the “Umbrian balcony” because it is located on a hill, offering a spectacular view of the surrounding Clitunno valleys. The landscape is a combination of vineyards and olive groves in perfect harmony with each other. The wine aspect of this area is well represented by the “Strada del Sagrantino,” a route that allows you to meet the producers of the famous wine from our region. Culture, food, and art come together in the streets of Montefalco, offering the opportunity to visit architectural masterpieces such as the Church of St. Francis.


The numerous styles of our beers ensure that you can find a perfect pairing for the many typical dishes of our region, such as the traditional cured meats of Norcia, the meat from our local farms, or the much-loved legumes that have always been a fundamental part of Umbrian cuisine.


Grilled meat has always been one of the most appreciated typical dishes on the tables of Umbrian homes and restaurants. It includes various types of meat, such as lamb, pork, and beef. Our beers, Santachiara, Alzabove, and Santommaso, are the perfect companions for these dishes.