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The Appetitalia project was established in 2014 with the aim of bringing the products of small artisanal Italian companies to professionals in European markets.

We began our activities in 2015 with our first trips to introduce ourselves in France and Germany. This experience allowed us to gain insights into the markets directly from the voices of those who offer Made in Italy products.

Since then, business trips have become a trademark of Appetitalia because we understand that sharing with our friends in sales and the restaurant industry is what allows us to build fruitful and long-lasting relationships.

Starting in 2020, we expanded our activities to include organizing direct meetings between producers and Italian cuisine ambassadors abroad, such as gastronomies, wine shops, and qualified restaurants, which we named APPINCONTRI FD.

Now, we are launching a new initiative, the Appetitalia Guide, to spread the word about Italian enogastronomic craftsmanship to lovers of Italian cuisine living in European countries.

The Guide aims to be a space, currently virtual, where artisans can tell the story of their products and their company. It also provides the public with rich information that not only contains content but also the emotions of those who passionately live their work.