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The Antico Laboratorio San Giuseppe was established in 1928 with the first infusions of Amaro, thanks to a secret recipe donated by a pharmacist to Father Zanuso, the first Superior Father of what was then Villa San Giuseppe. The historical memory of the laboratory has been lost over time as the brothers responsible for the production were very discreet concerning the recipe and production process. In the early years, the Amaro was produced in the villa’s kitchens for internal use only and for those who attended the retreat house. They used 50-liter drums, which are still in use today. In them, medicinal herbs, water, alcohol, and sugar were mixed. This infusion was then placed on the stoves of the “economic kitchens” to reach a temperature of 60°C, which facilitated the extraction of the active ingredients and flavors of the medicinal herbs. This mixture would then rest in the villa’s cellars for over a month. The process remains substantially unchanged.

Over time, the beneficial effects of this wonderful Amaro became known outside the villa, and with increasing demand and production, in the early 1970s, the Fathers decided to renovate the west part of the barchessa to permanently establish the production headquarters there.

The Jesuit fathers continued the production of Amaro until 2006 when, due to age-related reasons, they decided to close the community and transfer the now elderly fathers to other facilities. In that year, a group of volunteers and friends close to the Society of Jesus took action to continue the production of this marvelous Amaro. In 2006, Alessandro Olivetto began collaborating almost by chance. He is the current holder of the secret recipe of Amaro San Giuseppe. Subsequently, Alessandro was commissioned to learn, transcribe, and photographically document the entire production process of the Amaro, which until then had only been passed down verbally with a few notes that didn’t fully describe the entire process. Alessandro, using what he had learned, began his first experiments in 2014 for the production of a new liqueur, more palatable than Amaro but retaining many of its beneficial effects. Thus, at the end of 2014, the first production of the new “Liquore San Giuseppe” began, a genuine digestive liqueur inspired by the original Amaro recipe.


Each of our individual liqueurs encapsulates within it history, tradition, craftsmanship, and research. Every single taste allows you to savor the aromas and flavors of the seasonality of the raw materials used for the infusion. The principle on which each of our productions is based is to place the raw materials used at the center, respecting flavors, aromas, and colors to the fullest extent. For this reason, in our laboratory, no aromas, extracts, concentrates, natural or artificial colorings are allowed.


Our Enchanting City Nestled between the Venetian Prealps and the Brenta River, our city is a breathtaking jewel of nature and history. As the Brenta River gently meanders through, it divides the city into two halves, seamlessly connected by our iconic wooden bridge – the Ponte degli Alpini or Ponte Vecchio. This bridge stands not just as an architectural marvel but as a symbol of Bassano del Grappa’s rich heritage and resilience.

From the bridge, one can capture panoramic vistas of the city that seem to spill into the surrounding hills, creating a canvas of ever-changing colors with the seasons. The hills themselves are adorned with vineyards, olive groves, and fruit trees, painting a landscape that is as enchanting as any artist’s dream.

But it’s not just nature’s beauty that defines us. Bassano del Grappa takes pride in its fine wine production, notably the sparkling Prosecco, which is cherished globally.

For those with a penchant for outdoor activities, the terrains around Bassano del Grappa are a treasure trove. Hiking trails invite explorers to discover spectacular viewpoints, while the undulating paths are a cyclist’s paradise. The surrounding mountains, especially Monte Grappa, beckon trekkers, mountaineers, and paragliding enthusiasts, offering both challenge and exhilaration.

Visiting Bassano del Grappa is not just about witnessing its picturesque landscapes but experiencing the harmony of nature, history, and culture. We invite you to be a part of our story.


The Amaro San Giuseppe is a liqueur with an intense and aromatic flavor, characterized by notes of herbs and spices that pair perfectly with sweet recipes. Here are our suggestions:
Dark chocolate.
The bold and slightly bitter taste of Amaro San Giuseppe pairs well with dark chocolate. You can opt for a dark chocolate cake or cocoa biscuits to create a delicious combination.
The creaminess and sweet flavor of tiramisu pleasantly contrast with the bitterness of the amaro, creating a balance of flavors. The amaro can also be used to lightly flavor the mascarpone cream, adding a touch of complexity to the dessert.
Vanilla ice cream with coffee and amaro sauce.
Vanilla ice cream provides a neutral base to fully appreciate the flavor of the amaro. A coffee sauce flavored with a few drops of Amaro San Giuseppe adds depth and complexity to the dessert.


The asparagus from Bassano is one of the treasures of our agriculture. These aren’t just ordinary asparagus; they bring with them the unique flavor of our region, embodying the love and care with which they’re grown. We proudly showcase them in a risotto that is nothing short of a delicacy. This dish, while simple in its essence, captures the heart of our culinary tradition, and is a favorite among those who appreciate genuine and flavorful meals.